5 Reasons Why You’ll Love These Spanish Classroom Posters!

Do you sometimes feel like a walking dictionary in your Spanish class? Even with all of the resources students have at their fingertips, (ahem,🥴 Google Translate!) I still get students of all levels asking me to translate the same words time after time!

That’s why years ago, I created sets of Printable Posters organized in categories, and I’ve added to them over the years as I started to notice repeat requests for words that weren’t on my posters. 

These Posters Are Perfect For:

  1. Helping students retain the meaning of the words 

    1. Rather than them relying on me or Google Translate to tell them the word, (where it’s in one ear, and out the other) they’re constantly referencing these posters – and trust me, it really does lead to retention!

    2. If certain words are on a test, I make a point to cover them up.

      1. Sometimes students have told me, just looking up at the covered posters, helps them remember! I’d call that a win towards them retaining!

  2. Pushing students towards higher proficiency!

    1. Did you know that using transitional words and other “filler” words is what can help students move up higher proficiency levels?

      1. If students are exposed to these words daily, and they’re allowed to use the posters for non-graded writing prompts, you’re helping them build up their fluency!

      2. Oftentimes, even when their writing IS graded, I leave the posters unhidden! Usually the focus of a writing prompt is on their grammar, and honestly, if they’re able to apply the words from these posters in the correct section of a sentence, that’s also a skill they’re growing!

  3. If youre on a budget, these are much more affordable than posters you can order from the online catalogs!

    1. Simply print (in color if you can!) and laminate if you’re able, and these will last! 

      1. I’ve had to move classrooms 👏4 👏years 👏in👏a👏row!! I’ve had students help me tear down the posters, and all but 2 survived, going into the 4th year!

  4. If your wall space is already crowded

    1. These posters come in 2 sizes: 8.5 x 11” (Standard computer paper) and 11 x 17”. 

    2. 8.5 x 11” would be perfect if your room is already pretty full of posters!

    3. However, if you have the room, I’d recommend printing in the 11 x 17” size, simply because that ensures the words are large enough to see across the room. 

      1. One year I had a super long and narrow room I taught in, and they were still easy to read across the room!

  5. You can reference them by colors in Spanish

    1. These may not be cutely themed, but I did that on purpose! Each set of posters is one color, so I can reference them in Spanish by color too, to tell students where to look, without having to walk over and point!

  6. If you’re a traveling teacher

    1. I’ve lived the traveling teacher life more than half of my teaching career. Some years I’ve been between 2 rooms in 2 buildings, and other years I’ve been in a different room every single period! 

      1. The teachers I shared a room with gave me wall space to put up posters! I was able to print several copies of each set of posters, and have them available for students to reference. It really made a difference on student learning!

If you skipped to the end, here’s a link for you to preview my posters!

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