No-Prep Emergency Spanish Sub Plans

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No-Prep Spanish Sub Plans that work for Middle and High School Spanish are super important when you have to call in sick the night or morning before school!

What’s tricky about being a Spanish teacher, is that it’s pretty rare that fellow coworkers or substitutes can teach Spanish while we’re gone.

Therefore, over the years, I’ve needed to have a few sets of emergency sub plans ready to go at a moment’s notice → and that means something digital!

Whether you call them webquests or virtual field trips, the idea is the same –students will discover information in an interactive way with embedded links that take them to websites with reliable information.

south america webquest Spanish and English versions Easy Sub Plans

Have you ever spent a bunch of time leaving detailed sub plans with copies to print, and the sub doesn’t actually read your directions? 🤦‍♀️

  • I’ve been there! It’s super frustrating, and ends up feeling like your time was wasted, especially when you should’ve been resting up or taking care of your kids, instead of writing sub plans!

  • Digital Webquests are self-explanatory, and the students actually get them done!

  • I don’t feel guilty assigning webquests, because students are actually learning about the geography and culture of Spanish-Speaking countries

My preferred method has been assigning digital webquests because:

  • I don’t need to rely on the sub to print anything for students

  • It doesn’t matter if the sub knows Spanish

  • They’re about culture & geography, so it doesn’t matter what students have been learning about recently

  • There’s English and Spanish versions, which means I could assign either version to all of my classes for the day (English for Middle School to Spanish 1, and the Spanish version for Spanish 2 through 4)

  • They’re not overly complicated; just simply assign to Google Classroom (or whatever platform your school uses)

  • You can extend the learning by having students share their findings in small groups the following day, or some of my webquests are multi-day, such as the Spanish-Speaking Country Research Webquest

Spanish-speaking countries research webquest Easy multi-day sub plans

Overall, Digital Webquests have never failed me in not spending a ton of time on writing sub plans, and students actually learn while I’m gone!

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