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How to Use Pre-Made Quizlet Sets & Edit for Your Class

Lesson planning takes up a lot of time, but there’s a time-saving tip I’m surprised more teachers don’t know about! Using already created Quizlet sets on Quizlet, and tweaking them for your curriculum’s specific vocabulary! Below I’ll show you the 6 steps to finding a set on Quizlet, and editing it to fit your needs! 1) First, go to and create a teacher profile if you don’t already have one. It should be free, but it may prompt you (annoyingly) to sign up for the paid account! A few years back, I did use the paid version for 1 school year, and while it had its benefits, it just wasn’t high on my list of priorities with my budget. 2) Once you’ve created an account, in the top search bar click where it says “Search for flashcards” 3) You can type anything in there! I’m keeping it simple, and just typing in “Spanish colors” in my screenshots below. Press enter & a bunch of results will pop up. You can filter by All Results, Study Sets, Textbooks, Questions, Users, and C