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Spanish Class Activities When You're Exhausted, Sick, or Lost Your Voice

Do any of these resonate with you? You’re exhausted.  You’re feeling sick, but running out of sick days. You lost your voice. You still need to show up for work, for whatever reason. Below I’m listing ideas & tools to use if any of the above apply to you. When you’re exhausted & sick you need:  Low energy teacher-led activities Student-led activities Activities that can be done independently (can be done individually, in pairs, or small groups) Below I’m listing 6 overarching ideas you can use to create lesson plans that don’t involve a lot of energy or require you to do a lot of speaking throughout the lesson.  Each main idea includes ways to branch off and extend these ideas into multiple 45-minute class periods.  A) Read a story or a reading comprehension passage.   My ideas below can make this take anywhere from 2 45-minute class periods, to many more! I tend to feel impatient when students are working independently, and if that’s you, remind yourself, it’s OKAY for the pac