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Spanish Classroom Speaking, Listening & Writing Activities - Find Someone Who!

Spanish Classroom Speaking, Listening & Writing Activities - Find Someone Who! One of my favorite activities to do in Spanish class that gets students out of their seats and conversing with their classmates, is a good ol’ Find Someone Who activity. After talking with fellow colleagues about what this looks like in their classes, (even math teachers have done this activity!) I realized there’s many different variations of what this can look like depending on the subject, time of year, and grade level. The most common time of year my colleagues were saying they use these activities is at the start of the school year , as an ice breaker activity. That’s definitely a great time to do an activity like this!  However, I’ve used this activity not just as a simple icebreaker activity, but with proper scaffolding & extension activities, it’s a great way to incorporate all 4 modes of communication!  Here’s my general multi-day lesson plan when it comes to using a Find Someone Who activ

Using Quizlet Sets to Make Gimkit Sets in Seconds

Are your students sick of Quizlet Live or Checkpoint? Did you create or find a quality vocab set on Quizlet, but want students to practice with that vocab on Gimkit instead? You’re in luck! There’s a super fast way to make a Gimkit set out of a Quizlet set, in a matter of seconds! Follow along with my screenshots & instructions for how to make a Gimkit set using a Quizlet set. Find the Quizlet set you want to use.  Below the flashcards, click the 3 dots.  It will expand with options for you to click. Click Export. Click Copy text. Open up Gimkit. Click New Kit. Title it, select the Language, Subject, click Next. Select a photo (it really doesn’t matter). On the left, select Create with Flashcards. Click Import Flashcards.