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Introducing Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto

Introducing Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto 2 Minute Read I teach a unit practicing the Present tense with “Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto”, by Mira Canyon & Carol Gaab.  It’s one of my students’ favorite books we’ve read, among Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso, Robo en la noche , and La Llorona de Mazatlán. As a way to introduce the novel, I have students complete a “virtual field trip” of the Caribbean Sea, to get familiar with all of the countries located there! It’s especially important for students to get familiar with the geography, since it’s mentioned right away in the first chapter, regarding the Spanish fleet hauling silver. With this Caribbean Sea Digital Webquest , students research the following (using the links provided): Where the city or landmark is located What language is spoken there What’s the capital of the country? What is the country famous for? What is it? What’s the population? Other interesting facts I have 2 versions, all English, or all

What does my Alebrije Look Like? - Alebrijes Project for Spanish Class

  What does my Alebrije Look Like? - Alebrijes Project for Spanish Class This alebrijes project is such a fun way to wrap up Día de los Muertos lessons, or after watching the movie Coco in Spanish class. My students love being creative, and getting to hang their projects in the classroom or hallways - something they don’t get to do often being in high school! This project works for all levels: Spanish 1, 2, 3 and beyond! How this project works: Students will take the 10 question “ questionnaire ” which is similar to old-school magazine quizzes, or like those modern day Buzzfeed-type quizzes. It asks them about their personality characteristics, when their birthday month is, and some of their “favorites” relating to vocab often covered by November 1st, in Spanish 1.  Once they answer all 10 questions, they will use the “answer key” to find out what their alebrije consists of (colors, design, and which body parts are made up of which kind of animals). The list of animals consists of anim