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Spanish Back to School Ice Breaker Activity - Comecocos (Fortune Tellers)

  How to Use Comecocos (Fortune Tellers) as an Ice Breaker Activity for Spanish Class One of my students’ favorite activities we’ve done at the start of a new school year is making Comecocos! It’s a great community building activity that gets students out of their seats, and talking to one another. Comecocos are the fortune teller origami crafts you may remember making in elementary school. Sometimes they’re referred to as “Cootie Catchers” too! I use a template that has “Question Ideas” for students to create their own 8 questions. I typically do this activity with my Spanish 2, 3 and 4 classes, because they have prior knowledge of Spanish, yet the questions can be quite basic - a perfect way to start the year! My basic lesson plan is as follows: Each student will need a Comecocos template . They will write in 8 questions, either using the list for inspiration, or creating their own. Once they’re done writing their questions, they can choose 4 different colors to color in the outer