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Classroom Routines for Spanish Class: Map Partners!

Classroom Routines for Spanish Class: Map Partners! Back to School season and the first few weeks of school are the most important times of the year to set up Classroom Routines ! Routines are vital to successful classroom management. But routines don’t have to be boring! I wanted to share a classroom routine I’ve used since my first year of teaching - Map Partners!  In quick summary , it sets up pre-determined partners for the entire quarter/semester/year and it reviews Spanish nationalities and where the countries are on a map, all year long too! What are Map Partners and How do I Set Them Up? Students will each have a printed sheet of a world map with lines pointing to the Spanish-Speaking countries. They will use this sheet for the length of their time in class (trimester/semester/etc.) They will walk around and fill out each line with a different person’s name. They need to make sure they write each other’s name on the same line . This is very important! Throughout the year, w