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Improving Student Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills in Spanish

  How do I Improve my Students’ Reading Fluency and Writing Skills in Spanish?  In this blog post, I’ll be talking about how I set my students up for success and growth, with how I set up my classroom using Word Walls !  My word-walls have continued to grow over the years, and I love seeing student growth happen as a result of them. Having taught Exploratory-level Spanish through Spanish 4 at the middle and high school level since 2016, I have incorporated comprehensible-input style curriculum alongside traditional grammar instruction.  With comprehensible-input, there’s a lot of opportunities for students to write short-stories, summarize, as well as read novels! Whenever we read a novel in class, I try to incorporate many reading comprehension activities, as well as push students to write more and more lengthy compositions as they go up the levels.  However, as we all know with technology, students can simply google translate anything, yet they learn nothing from that! Even with my f