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End of the Year Tech-Free Spanish Class Activities

  What to do on the last day of school in Spanish class? The last few days of Spanish class are often tech-free at my school! Kids turn in chromebooks one of the last few days, meaning I can’t rely on online vocab games to keep us busy!  In this blog post, I’ll be including some tech-free ideas of how to maintain engagement with students while still practicing Spanish!  Click HERE to save on Pinterest to read for later! Show & Tell Presentations: Pretty self-explanatory, but these presentations are something I have done in the past, when grades are done, and computers are turned in. A rough outline of how I did it was: Give students a paper with your expectations of what needs to be shared for the Show & Tell (keep it short & sweet, a 45-90 second presentation is plenty!) Model a great example for students with something of your own - maybe pick something they totally wouldn’t expect to be something you’re into! If it’s too large, tell kids they can send you a picture for