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Engaging Classroom Routines for Spanish Class: Music Tuesday (Música martes)

How do you keep students engaged in Spanish class? By having fun and interesting bellringer routines! Starting Spanish class with consistent routines is crucial for several reasons. It sets the tone for the rest of the class period It saves you time of having to reinvent the wheel, and it’s a part of your lesson plans that you don’t even have to think about once you get the hang of it! It helps students transition into their Spanish mindset, either with a fun warm up activity, or reviewing content from yesterday’s lesson. It creates a sense of structure and predictability - students do better when they know what to expect! It provides students opportunities to engage with the target language, in ways they wouldn’t otherwise  It reinforces students’ language skills they already have It can be a natural way to circle back to previous vocabulary or grammar concepts they already learned, especially when you intentionally select the music, memes or jokes for the week! Click Here to Pin &