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Meet Emily

  Get to Know Emily 👋¡Hola! I’m Emily and I am the Spanish teacher and blogger behind Español con Emily.  I started learning Spanish as a freshman in high school. I studied Spanish Education in college, and spent a semester in Puerto Rico. I first started sharing resources on TPT towards the end of my first year of teaching, and now in my 7th year of teaching, I’ve started a blog! I’ve taught Spanish to 7th and 8th graders at an explorer level, & Spanish 1-4 to 8th-12th graders.  I started teaching at a smaller school where the middle and high school were connected. I taught 65 minute classes to 7th-12th graders (Exploring 7 & 8, through Spanish 4).  Then I moved and have lived the "traveling teacher" life these past several years: ESL to 5th-12th graders, Exploring Spanish to 6th through 8th graders, & high school classes combined with Spanish 3 and 4 students. I’m never in the same room for very long during the day, and even travel to a different school during


THE UNFAIR GAME IN SPANISH CLASS: 3 Minute Read: Something I honestly look forward to is getting to play the Unfair Game in Spanish class. It’s a highly engaging game, that I use to review grammar concepts and to summarize chapters from a book we’ve been reading in class. There’s a lot of variations of how the Unfair Game works, and here’s my take on it! Take my Spanish Past Perfect Unfair Game for example: This version of the Unfair Game is meant to be played by just clicking the slides in order. (Some of my other Unfair Games have a Menu, like my Telling Time Unfair Game ). There should be 2 teams, equipo verde y equipo morado. Points are predetermined for each slide! I always let students use their notes to help them, but you can decide that for your class. It’s up to you if you want to allow “team talk”. On a whiteboard, I usually draw a t-chart that says “Dar” and “Tomar” with a magnet to mark what the spokesperson decided. Between the time of the spokesperson deciding, the time